Big Mistakes To Dodge When Redesigning Your Site

The shelf life of a typical website is probably only three years or so. As a result, you might feel as if you constantly have a new design in the works. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean your site design might not get the full attention it deserves.

It’s hard to look at your new website with fresh eyes after spending a while working on, but you need to be objective in order to spot when you’re making some of these common errors…

Skipping the planning stages

A solid and strategic plan will be needed in order to move forward with your project and allocate resources to it appropriately. Without this, expect your website design to fail at one of the first hurdles and end up stuck in development hell.

Letting creative energy take over

It’s well worth getting stuck in with the creative side and bringing as many original ideas to the table as possible, but you can’t let this take up too much time or move your website in a direction that doesn’t match your original objectives.

Poor conversion optimisation

If you don’t focus on encouraging your website visitors to support you and become paying customers, then you have to question why you invested in the site to begin with. Don’t let designers function completely independently of your marketing staff, as their online success will depend on the design process and vice versa.

Undoing SEO progress

If you want to make structural changes to your site or revise the content, be aware that this could undermine the positions you have earned on organic search results. For example, if you change the URL of a page to something shorter and snappier, remember to redirect the old URL to the new one using a permanent redirect if you want to retain the SEO value of any links pointing to that page.

Removing successful features

If you have found a formula that works, don’t get rid of it until you have a tried and tested replacement. You’re not bound to use the same design forever, but until you have evidence that your new version performs just as well, you shouldn’t axe it just because you’re bored and risk cutting off a revenue stream.