Benefits Of Creative Flash Web Design

websiteDespite Flash is a great way to design a website, even the best tools can have horrible outcomes without proper guidance by the user. There are techniques and tips that you should be aware of when using this type of design. We’re going to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Flash websites to help you create something that you can be proud of.


The Good

Flash websites offer many animations that can be used to enhance your site. These are best used to make the site appear easier to navigate through. For example, by having a photo navigation box that allows the user to click navigation arrows that move through the pictures would be an excellent use of Flash.

Also, since it’s easier than ever to host videos on your web page, you can have instruction videos on your website for the user to learn more about your product or service. Sometimes, web designers will have a video automatically start when the page is opened that may have a person standing there to explain the product or service, and this is commonly seen among professional sites.

The Bad

When you have too much content on a page, it will make it take longer to load. People don’t like to wait for pages to load or videos to buffer, and so they will usually just leave before you even have a chance to show off your page. Don’t fill up your page with unneeded animations, videos, and games. In short, don’t make it too “flashy.”

Another big mistake that designers make is they put too much effort into their navigation system, and it just makes it plain out confusing. Users need something simple so that they can easily get from page to page. Nobody wants to spend time trying to figure out how to use a site when they can easily Google a different one.

You will also want to make sure that your site has plenty of plain text content. Search engines don’t pick up on a lot of Flash objects, and you still need to try and implement some search engine optimisation to gain traffic in the first place.

The Ugly

Things can get pretty ugly when it comes to Flash design. For starters, when a designer puts two videos that are set to automatically play when a page opens, this causes a lot of unwanted noise and distraction. Neither video can be understood, and you will quickly lose traffic.

Also, not only can too much animation make your website take longer to load, but it can distract from the central theme and ruin the site itself. Take it easy on your traffic’s eyes.