4 Great Website Design Tips

Just like fashion, web design is changing with fad and trends coming and then going at a rapid rate. When it comes to designing of a website, that creates a professional impression, you must ensure that it is up to date and on trend. This is the only way that you will be in a position to keep up with the high competition in the modern market. When creating a site, here are a few website design tips to follow.

Ensure it is clutter free and clean

The world has become cluttered in the modern days and the internet is no exception. Icons, ads, banners, pop ups, signs and so on can become a bit heavy. “You must ensure that you provide your visitors with a break from such clutter,” advised David Smith from Luminous Design, a prominent website design & SEO company in Colchester. “You need to embrace things like white space and flat design as they do wonders for websites. It is important that you keep everything simple or even minimal with the only crucial content highlighted on the website. This will make is easy to your visitors to navigate through the site in an easy way.”

Do some website research

Just like any other project that you have, it is good to ensure that you do some prior research so that you make a website that will assist your business attain its goals fast. Look for different website in your own niche to find out how they are designed, so that you can some tricks from them and know how to make your website look unique from them. As you do the search you will come across many sites and whatever you find appealing in them, you need to apply the same on your site.

Apply visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy means that your eyes focus to the web space in a specific pattern. This is a pattern that can assist you be able to optimize vital content on your website. For instance, if you create a sign up now button, your main aim should be to have as many people as possible clicking it and go through the sign up process. In most cases, eyes move from top to bottom or left to right. Make sure that you put the most crucial information at the top left corner of your website because this is where your visitors will focus more according to visual hierarchy. Do not put a lot of information on one spot to avoid overwhelming your visitors.

Use text that is easy to read

Text is very crucial because it provides information that any visitors will be looking for when visiting your website. Do not make your visitors strain when reading the text that you have provided on your website. You can do this by ensuring that you make use of colours that work together effectively and never overuse them. In addition, you must ensure that you use fonts that your readers will not strain to read. The font should not be too small because if your readers start to strain, they will lose interest on your website.

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