4 Ways How Graphics Influence the User Experience

The use of graphics on websites can have positive or negative effects on the user experience depending on how they are used. If you make use of the graphics in the right manner, you should also expect that your site visitors will also be happy with them and vice versa. This is why it is always recommended that you gain knowledge on how to use the graphics on your site to avoid disappointing your visitors. You should not just use any kind of graphic, you should only use those that are relevant to your text and those that are of high quality. Here are some of the ways on how graphics influence the user experience.

Make your posts more interesting to your users

Most web visitors like having an interesting times when they are reading different posts on the web. If you have great and attractive pictures on your website, users will have an interesting time and would like to visit your site many other times in the future. On the other hand, if you have poor graphics, you can be assured that your site user will be disappointed and will not read the rest of the content you have present to them. Users will even be intrigued of why you have used a certain graphic on a certain post making them to read it. Great graphics make users to have great experience and refer others to your website.

Connects users to the text presented

When you make use of goods graphics on your website, you can be assured that your site users will be more connected to your website. This is because the graphics will provide them with clarity to the text making it more understandable to your users. The graphics support what you have presented leading to better understanding. This is why it is crucial that instead of making use of high quality graphics, it is also important to use the right graphics.

Encourage social media sharing

Web users enjoy sharing great content they come across on the internet. If your website has great images, you can be assured that your users will be happy and share your content with their followers on their social media platforms. It is also good to note that if you have good graphics users will like then too. This will go a long way in making your website rank high in major search engines.

Provoke reactions

You can be assured that if you use interesting graphics you provoke reactions. Pictures tend to speak for themselves whereby there are many stories they can get from the images that you use in your content. This will provoke reactions from your users. The users might have varied emotional reactions such as being happy because of seeing a funny picture or get excited when they see a certain graphic. Always make sure you provide graphics that would provoke positive reactions. It is only by doing this that users will have the kind of experience they want from your website and keep on visiting it regularly.

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