5 General Website Styles

In the past, it was common to land on a website and have pretty much the same experience. This was as a result of the fact that there was not much development on how to design websites. However, in the modern days there have been rapid changes on how websites are developed to make the visitors have better experience as they navigate through them. There are many website styles that have been innovated by designers taking web designing to a completely new level. This article offers the common general website styles.

Split screens

This is a great website style characterized by a vertical divide that tend to present two elements. This is a style is that effective in case your business has two things to promote and they are of equal importance. The split gives you an opportunity to be able to promote the two at the same time. You can also use this style if you want to advertise the essentials of your niche on one section and show the photos on the other. You may want to introduce you staff or example of services or products that you provide.

Block grids

When you use this website style, the page is divided into many blocks either asymmetrical or symmetrical. The blocks may be of similar size in case the elements are of the same importance or distinct sizes depending on the order of importance of the content presented. The modules can be applied on web pages instead of just the home page of your website. The modules are flexible in a way that they can be enlarged or reduced to fit mobile devices screens. This type of website function as a catalogue would do.

No chrome

No chrome refers to a website style that does not have footers, headers, borders on the web page. This style of website has gained a lot of popularity because users are not distracted making them to focus solely on the major content of the website. The major content include the product, brand, image represented. By getting rid of all these, you have a clean sites that is easy to navigate.

Single screen style

This is another website style that looks the same as a television screen or a magazine style opening image. It contains a scroll that is used in opening up the website. The style incorporates one image to represent a full picture of the brand, service or product. The idea of this style is to offer a full focus and great clarity for the visitor. It offers a stunning effect in case the image is engaging and interesting to the user. The website also does not have distractions, thus it is a clean design.

Big backgrounds or parallax

This website style makes use of big backgrounds that sets the mood and tone of the website. In case there are busy backgrounds, then other elements of the design in the foreground or in the middle should be minimal. A minimal background gives support to busier foreground and middle elements.

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