5 Major General Styles of Graphics

In the modern days, the way business people promote their products have changed a lot as a result of the rapid development in Internet technology. There are a lot of innovation and creativity applied in developing designs especially when it comes to graphics. Graphics contribute greatly to the success of a website. Using the right graphic styles can help your website attract more audience who will have great experience when navigating through your website. There are different styles that you can apply to ensure that your website gains a competitive edge over those of your competitors in the market. Here are some general styles of graphic that you can apply.

Build your own style

DIY graphic styles are effective because they assist you to develop your own graphics that are customized depending on your own business. This means that at the end, you have graphics that suit the products or services that you provide in your business. There are modular constructions kits that can assist you come up with versatile graphics for your website. The kits come in hybrid forms that combine many elements in different ways to provide this versatility.

Timeless heritage

To make a new brand identity unique in an already competitive market, there is a need to clean, timeless and communicate in a clear way. Many consumers embrace global brands that show real international aesthetic. In order to attract more you can make use of traditional styles that involve use of bold colour stripes and simple fonts.

Handwritten type

Nowadays, there is digital perfection everywhere. The flawed, raw products that are made using hands are becoming more appealing. Therefore, you can decide to use graphic style made by human hands that contracts the one that are made digitally. Such a graphic style brings in more personality and brings a real sense of authenticity to a website.

Type from object

There is also the graphic style in which designers manipulate everyday objects into spontaneous and playful topographic designs. The alphabets are developed from scavenged and collected objects. They are unique and other individualized aspect of any business. The use of alphabets makes graphics look unique and more natural compared to those that are developed in a digital manner.


This is a style that features simple and strong graphic patterns with Bauhaus aesthetic. The style provides angular shapes, straight edges and bold colours. Circles, hexagons and triangles replace the more complex patterns in order to provide purity, clarity and authority. This is enhanced by using more saturated primary colours. In other instances, the shapes can be layered to form abstract typography in a style that integrates Bauhaus modernism.

Old school calligraphy

This is a graphic style that integrates trends for rough and hand drawn letters. The style is created using calligraphic techniques that imitates the authenticity that is provided by hand linked letters. This type of style demonstrates unique craftsmanship that makes a website look more unique.

Bottom line

Regardless of the style of graphics that you use on your website, you must ensure that they match with your site and offer positive experience to visitors who come to your website.


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