5 Tips on How to Use Graphic Styles on your Website

When you develop a website, your main goals should be to ensure that you get as many visitors as possible. It is the number of visitors that you get on your website that will determine how successful you will be. There are a lot of things that you must do to ensure that your website gains a competitive edge over others in your own niche. One of the tricks is to ensure that you make use of the best graphic style that will be appealing to the users. To ensure that you succeed, this article offers you a comprehensive guideline on how you should use the graphic styles on your website.

Suit the purpose of the website

The first thing you must ensure is that you make use of graphic style that fits the organization, purpose and style of your webpage. The style used should enhance the structure, design or the informative content of the page without distracting the attention of the users. As much as you might want to add some images to your page because they demonstrate fancy new effects, you must consider whether they fit or not.

Avoid heavy graphics

Graphics are very effective when they are used in a website; however it is good to note that they might also bring some issues with the loading speed of the site. You should make sure that you do not use the graphics with large size because they will make your page to load very slowly. It is good to note that the speed in which your website loads determines a lot the experience that your visitors have. The faster it loads the more you will be able to attract a lot of traffic and vice versa.

Use graphic style that guides your viewers

The style of graphics that you use on your website should be assist your viewers be able to concentrate on the most important content on your website. It is advisable to make use of visually strong graphic elements, so that they can direct the viewers attention and offer the structure of the page. However, it is also good to note that strong graphic elements can pull the attention of your visitors away from the main content. They might also end up competing with other images on the same page. Do not try to over emphasize using the graphics because you might end up cluttering your website.

Do not use overly repetitive bright or images that are obnoxious

These graphics might be very appealing, but after this is over viewers might end up losing patience with your website. Some very attractive images that might attract first time visitors might end up annoying your visitor’s overtime leading to reduction of the traffic your website gets.

Avoid using the graphics to convey textual content

It can be very tempting to try using graphic style that you feel will convey textual content information. This mostly occurs because there are many design options like text effects, font choices. Graphics that are based on text brings a lot of problems. This is because images based on text cannot be resized like the normal text, meaning that those users who have poor vision will not be able to resize it to meet their specific visual need as it should happen.


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