How to use Characters with Graphics Effectively

Using graphics is one of the most effective ways that you can promote your business. The graphics are more effective because they have the ability to convey a certain message faster if they are used in the right way. Just like when using other business promotion strategies, it is good to ensure that you use them in the proper manner. You need to ensure there is high level creativity on how you use the graphics, so that they can attract the attention of high number of people and grab their attention too. One way of doing this is to use characters together with the graphics. This is not an easy process because any small mistake when using both of them can end up messing up all your efforts. This article provides you with some tips on how characters can be used with graphics.

It is good to note that graphics boosts legibility of the message you want to convey. Studies have shown that more 35 percent of people tend to react fast when the text message presented include a graphic. This happens because the human brain has the ability to decode icons and symbols faster than text. Graphics also enhance recognition and reduce the time that many people take to comprehend images. To enhance this efficiency, it is good to include some characters that will even make it easier for people to comprehend the message that you are conveying to them. To get this benefit, it is important to use the right characters to improve the reaction further. 

Character height and fonts

The height and fonts of the characters determines a lot how successful you will be when you integrate them with the graphics. The standard character height you should use is eighteen inches. However, this will be highly determined by display resolution. There are some graphics that will work well if you characters of other sizes including 12, 9 and 6 inches. However, it is also good to note that it is possible to double ant character to your desired size. For instance, it is possible to double a 9 inch character to create 18 inch character which has more pixels and clearer that normal 18 inch character. It is easy for your targeted audience to read a graphic or LED display that has 18 inch character compared to those others that are smaller in size.

Most of the messages for business promotions are displayed in capital letters. When you combine graphics with the characters, it is good to make use of multiple fonts to add more emphasis on the information presented or in order to fit more information. This will also ensure that your do not present message that is cluttered which will be hard for your targeted audience to comprehend. You can also decide to use different font types that will be visible, but at the same time those that will not take a lot space. In overall, let there be balance between the characters and your graphics in order to get the best results.

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